Provisioning in Albania

Farm to Table

Our mission is to provide sustainable tourism and what better way than to promote our local farmers, jam makers, herb gatherers, honey and wine connoisseurs.

Albania Yachting experts are thrilled to provide you with local fresh produce, meat, wine and handcrafted cheeses and local wines from Albania's finest vineyards and certified farms. These "best of Albania" specialty items are 100% local.   We have a network of farmers, wine makers and master chef's that are ready to showcase there notable items. 

Let us know if you would like a local list of the offerings or if you wish to submit one of your own. 

We are ready to serve you!

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We are every chef's delight. We understand that demands are quite high when it comes to nourishing your crew and guests. That is why we have established a supply chain with the local farmers in providing you what is seasonal and nearby. Albania has some of the finest farm feed meats, and local produce in the region.


Choosing the "best of Albania" means that your produce is locally grown and no more than 250 km away. If you wish to visit this agro-farm we can arrange that too! 

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