Albania Yachting was established specifically to cater to Super yachts coming to Albania.  Our dedicated services, staff and vetted vendors guarantees for the best service possible in Albania.  We pride ourselves in the work we do and believe its all about the "team". 

In our line of work we don't only make plans, we help you build experiences and memories when visiting our shores. 


We welcome you to Albania and thank you for keeping it 100% local. 




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Arrival and departure formalities must be completed by a licensed agent in order to enter the country. Albania has 3 major ports to choose from; Saranda, Vlore and Durres. Best to notify us 24 hours in  advance so we can make your arrival completely transparent  with minimal delay.  Contact us today and schedule your arrival. 


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As a developing country one thing  for

certain is that we still do some things the

"old fashioned way" and that includes growing and consuming our food locally. We therefore offer what we call "best of Albania" which means "farm to table"  if you would like a comprehensive list of the local farm items, local beer and wines, handcrafted cheeses and other delicacy's. We are surely a chef's delight. 

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Handcrafted Tours

Albania is Europe's last destination to be explored. Depending on your interest our tours are hand crafted keeping the guests interest in mind. Whether they would like to see ancient history, nature, embark on some adventure our tours are purely authentic...we guarantee guests will be nicely surprised. Share with us your interest and we will handle all the details.  

Duty Free Bunkering 

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One thing for certain is there are benefits as to not being an EU partner. This is a great advantage for our clients to receive duty free fuel.  Our quotes are real time and restrictions for bunkering are minimal. With a short distance from Corfu the port of Saranda makes for an ideal stop for checking out of the EU and bunkering at the same time. Contact us for a guaranteed price. 

Albania Yachting is Albania's number one yacht agency.  A complete turn-key solution is is essential for a seamless experience.  Founded in 2010 with a focus in high end tourism it was only natural to do the same for the cruising industry.  Albania Yachting's team of professional have your best interest when visiting the country.   We rely on our industry experience, vendor knowledge and longstanding local relationships to ensure your  experience surpasses your expectations.


Whether planning a quick arrival and departure, duty free bunkering, provisioning or wish to explore  the country, we can make it happen!

The need to partner with a "large international network" only means higher fees and less local support for the country you visit. We want to thank you for considering a team that impacts the local area 100%.  

More to us than just bunkering....

Weather you have only a few hours or a few days let us show you our beautiful country. With over 476 km of coastline, Unesco World Heritage sites, vast mountain tops, canyons, peaceful hikes and trails and some amazing anchorage spots. 


We invite you to come a bit closer and take in one of Europe's last wonders. 


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