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Our mission is to support and create sustainable tourism.  What better way than to promote our local farmers, jam makers, herb gatherers, honey and wine connoisseurs?

Albania Yachting is ready to provide you with locally sourced produce, meat, wine, handcrafted cheeses, and wines all from Albania's finest vineyards and certified farms. We have a network of farmers, winemakers, and master chefs that are ready to showcase their notable items. 

We deliver on requests directly from the chefs to the yachts a variety of seasonal local products.

We are ready to serve you!




Albania yachting is happy to assist all our guests with fresh flowers for their yachts as well as local laundry service.


For more detailed info please contact:

+355 676 09 6010

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Albania yachting is committed to the Farm to Table movement.


Locally grown vegetables and fruits are very much part of what we promote as a provision for our guests. Also, we believe that supporting local farmers is a sustainable way in guaranteeing the continuation of the local farming traditions and local economy.


We have developed strong links to the farmers around Albania and in particular two well-known farms in the country like Mrizi i Zanave and Uka Farm.

We are proud to promote our own locally grown Saffron as well as the new trend Albania Wine.

Our very own saffron farm is certified by the Florence Institute of Accreditation in Northern Italy.  Our saffron grows less than 100km on a plateau just north of Saranda, Nivica Farm. Chefs are raving about it and are happy to add some spice to your cuisine. 

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